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Succeed As A Plus Size Glamour Model

With a high demand for Plus-size clothing in the fashion industry, designers and fashion brands are becoming more aware of their limited size range and are finally starting to cater to curvier women with bigger size ranges.

This calls for a higher demand for Plus-size models!

This blog post is all about body positivity and here are some guidelines you should follow if you want to succeed as a Plus-size glamour model.

Do It Because You’re Passionate

Being a successful glamour model requires dedication and hard work. You need to be mentally prepared for all the ups and downs that come with being a Plus-size glamour model.

What’s one thing all successful models have in common? You may be thinking of a “pretty look”?

The answer is “PASSION”!

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Always Be Professional

Just like an everyday normal 9-5 job, Plus-size glamour modelling is a legitimate profession. If you want to have a successful career in glamour modelling; you need to be Punctual, Professional and Prepared.

Be Comfortable With Showing Off Your Body

Glamour Modelling demands seduction and sexiness.

As a plus-size glamour model, you need to have the self-confidence in knowing that you are the best and your body is a work of art. You need to be comfortable with showing off your body. Glamour modelling is all about knowing how to grab attention through the camera lens and inviting the audience into your fantasy land.



Your looks may get you booked on assignments, but your personality will determine if you get repeat bookings or not. Being able to follow directions, take constructive criticism and wanting to always work on your skills to be the best version of yourself; matters just as much as your looks, if not more.

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