Posing As A Plus Size Glamour Model

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Posing As A Plus Size Glamour Model

Whether you are posing for the gram or for an important shoot, this blog post will help you showcase your best assets in front of a camera. Here are my few easy tips on posing as a plus size glamour model.

Hands on Hips

Love Honey

Confidently pose with both hands on hips! Place your hands on the natural silhouette of your hips. This creates an illusion of a tinier waist and curvier hips. It’s so simple yet so effective!

Laying Down on your Stomach Pose


Since posing stood up in your heels for a long period can be a tiring task, this pose is every Glamour Model’s saviour!

Let your feet rest! Relax! Lay flat on your stomach and pose for the camera. This pose exaggerates your voluptuous assets by giving you a sexy pressed-down cleavage and a fuller bottom. Tease tirelessly whilst letting your feet rest!

Hands on your Head


Not sure where to place your arms? Allow your arms to act as a prop and not a distraction!

Relax your body and playfully place your hands over your head. This eliminates any distraction and places the audiences’ focus solely on your beautiful figure. Along with this pose, you can also place one of your legs out whilst pushing your hip outwards – this makes the photo look more balanced.

Bring the Sexy Back Pose

Hopeless Lingerie

Arch your back and make your booty pop! This pose will never let you down. Create a sense of intimacy by posing effortlessly. This candid “caught in mid-action” pose snatches your waist in and gives you booty volume.

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