Hairstyle Ideas For Plus Size Women

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Hairstyle Ideas For Plus Size Women

Plus Size Women can rock any hairstyles. Am I right or am I right?

However, have you noticed that hair brands always choose to use a “slim-faced” women as their hair model? This makes us wonder why we hardly see any Plus Size Women representation within the hair industry. Do they not realise that plus size models have nice hair too?

 ‘And for the beauty adverts – just because I’m plus-size doesn’t mean that I can’t do a beauty or hair campaign.’ – quote by Ashley Graham.

Calling all the Plus Size Women! This blog post is all about inspiring and giving different hairstyle ideas to plus size women (since the media fails to highlight on this).

Don’t worry! This blog post has all the plus size women covered.

Elegant – “The Side Swept” Hairstyle Look

Photo Courtesy of Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

 Hair tucked behind your ears – The Chic Look 

Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

High ponytail with side part – Gives an illusion of a longer face

Photo Courtesy of Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Soft Waves – “Framing your face” 

Photo Courtesy of Elle Spain

Slick back with a middle part- “Effortlessly Sexy” Look

Photo Courtesy of Mike Pont / WireImage / Getty Images

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